Green Health Care Öresund nominerat till European Regional Champions Awards 2008

Projektet Green Health Care Öresund som undertecknad varit delaktig i har blivit nominerat till European Regional Champions Awards 2008. 250 olika projekt var nominerade i de 10 olika kategorierna och 30 är kvar, 3 i varje kategori. Projektet är nominerat i kategorin Environment Champion. Nomineringstexten är som följer:

Green Health Care Öresund, Öresund, Denmark, Sweden

”A green hospital is a hospital where environmental considerations are incorporated in daily routines and development. The Interreg III A Oresund project “Green Health Care Oresund” has evoked interest and shared experiences in green hospital management in the Oresund region. The Danish–Swedish interregional project has created an inspirational and fruitful exchange of ideas on how to move towards greener hospitals. The project has developed criteria and models for a sustainable ward, as well as an energy saving scheme that includes monitoring of energy consumption and training of staff.

With a small dedicated team, highly transparent working method, and efficient information strategies, the project has managed to involve the hospital personnel to a level far beyond expectations. Concrete hands-on examples and visual displays that are easily approached by non-experts have successfully been embraced by the hearts and minds of the hospital personnel, despite their busy schedules. For the larger audience the project has gathered written and visual testimonies on an attractive homepage ( The project is a good example of how an initiative can create momentum on the practitioners’ level and seed a greener thinking in the energy intense social services that hospital provides.”

Grattis till Universitetssjukhuset MAS, Gentofte Hospital, Regionfastigheter, Region Huvedstaden och Region Skåne som alla var med i projektet.

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/Daniel Eriksson

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