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The Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare at the CleanMed Europe conference 19/10-21/10 2016

We had some fantastic days at the CleanMed Europe Conference at UN-City in Copenhagen.

The Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare (NCSH) was taking part in the conference to promote the network and its members to an international audience. We were very happy for the interest we received and the opportunity to connect with so many interesting people.

NCSH was represented at the conference with a stand in the exhibition area where we had a good opportunity to speak with people passing by. Many took the opportunity to stop by for a chat about the network and the upcoming conference in February, among other things. It was a good opportunity to reconnect with old friends as well as making new ones.

On the second day of the conference the NCSH was hosting a parallel session on the topic “Highlights from ‘Nordic Sustainable Healthcare’. The idea was to give the audience an introduction to the network, our projects and activities as well as presentations from our members.

We were very happy to see that the auditorium was filled with people and more seats were brought in to make place to everyone.


We had five speakers in the programme.

Daniel Eriksson NCSH/TEM started to give a frame to the topic by giving an introduction to Sustainable Healthcare and how we approach this subject. He then continued with the background to the NCSH, NCSH was launched 2015 June and has grown rapidly to about 50 members from 11 countries. NCSH are together with Bonniers Sustainability Media arranging a Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare 15th of February 2017.

Johannes Brundin NCSH/TEM then spoke about the newly launched Innovation Cluster for Energy Efficient Healthcare. NCSH received grants from the Swedish Energy agency to form a National Innovation Cluster to set up a platform to enhance innovation and export of energy efficiency.ha2_1817

As in most of our seminars and meetings we want to give the audience a smorgasbord of innovations and ideas from our members, companies as well as hospitals. Three of of our members participated as speakers this day: Watersprint, Green Furniture and Oslo University Hospital together with Sykehuspartner.

Linda Kokkola, CEO at Watersprint gave us an insight in water purification and how new UV-LED technology revolutionized the possibility to purify water in a cheap and effective way. Legionella is a wide-spread problem in Hospitals and can with a simple installation with Watersprints technology be eliminated. Watersprint are also developing their technology to make clean water available in developing countries.


Johan Berhin, Designer and founder of Green Furniture gave us an inspirational talk about how design and sustainable furniture can contribute to more beautiful and functional hospitals. Johan has developed a concept for interior landscaping where the furniture has much functionality. All aspects are taken in account, from the sourcing of sustainable materials, user friendliness, and design for maintenance and refurbishment.


Trude Ertresvåg, Sykehuspartner and Tore Havellen, Oslo University Hospital gave us an insight in how Nordic Hospitals are working with procurement of chemicals and materials. Chemicals used in Hospitals have a big impact on the environment and Nordic hospitals are working intensively to reduce the use and switch to better alternatives. Tools has been developed to make it easier for the procurement officers to spot products in the system containing undesirable chemicals and then to work with these products to replace them. The management have direct access to the status and can follow-up on how each hospital in the region is doing.ha2_2013

The session ended with questions and discussions.

If you have any questions or would like to get in contact with the speakers please contact Johannes Brundin, +46 (0)708 92 73 05 or johannes.brundin@tem.se