Etikettarkiv: Russia

Increasing demand for organic products in Russia

Swedish Radio P1 reports optimistic news about an increasing demand for organic products in Russia. So far, organic products are very exclusive and hard to come by in a normal grocery shop. But small organic farmers, who started up with the sole ambition to provide for their own families, experience an increased demand for their products. And more people want to start organic farms.

Although it is quite natural that Russians demand organic products, I was happy to hear that the demand and interest for the products is really there. It is easy to think that only the richest countries have the economic capacity to pay for such products. A farmer in the coverage sold organic milk for three times the price of regular milk. And normal people asked on the streets expressed an interest in such products.

Russian foods are produced with a lot of pesticides and antibiotics, so the need for changed production methods is big. Even president Medvedev has expressed his support for organic farming. As yet, there isn’t any credible  certification of organic products in Russia. But there are plans on making it a reality.

/Cecilia Holmgren